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Spectrum Camera Solutions Delivers Explosion-Proof Cameras to Major Sewer District on West Coast as Part of Smart Sewer/Connected City Initiative

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Spectrum Camera Solutions Delivers Explosion-Proof Cameras to Major Sewer District on West Coast as Part of Smart Sewer/Connected City Initiative

[January 5,2024] – Spectrum Camera Solutions, a leading provider of advanced camera solutions, has successfully delivered state-of-the-art explosion-proof cameras to a major sewer district on the West Coast as a crucial component of their Smart Sewer/Connected City project. These high-tech cameras will play a pivotal role in enhancing the district’s ability to detect flooding events and blockages, thus preventing potential failures or overflows into surrounding rivers.

The implementation of explosion-proof cameras in sewer systems is a groundbreaking development that addresses the critical need for reliable monitoring in challenging environments. Traditional cameras are often vulnerable to harsh conditions and the potential for explosive atmospheres within sewer systems. Spectrum Camera Solutions’ explosion-proof cameras are designed to withstand these conditions, providing a robust solution for monitoring and ensuring the integrity of sewer infrastructure.

As cities continue to evolve into smart and connected entities, the demand for innovative technologies to manage essential utilities like sewer systems has become increasingly apparent. The Smart Sewer/Connected City initiative aims to leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of urban infrastructure.

The deployment of Spectrum Camera Solutions’ explosion-proof cameras in the West Coast sewer district aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the Smart Sewer/Connected City project. By incorporating these advanced cameras into the sewer monitoring system, the district gains a powerful tool for early detection of potential issues such as blockages and flooding events. This proactive approach utilizing smart sensors, automation, along with explosion proof cameras, enables swift intervention to prevent failures and overflows, safeguarding the environment and public health.

Key Features of Spectrum Camera Solutions’ Explosion-Proof Cameras:

Robust Design: The cameras are built to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring durability and longevity in sewer environments.
Hazardous Area Certification: Class I Division 1 Provides the Maximum Explosion Protection. Spectrum cameras are certified for use in explosive atmospheres, meeting the highest safety standards for sewer applications.
High-Resolution Imaging: Cutting-edge imaging technology provides clear and detailed visuals for effective monitoring and analysis.
“Spectrum Camera Solutions is proud to contribute to the success of the Smart Sewer/Connected City initiative by delivering our explosion-proof cameras to this major sewer district on the West Coast,” said Efrain Garcia, Vice President at Spectrum Camera Solutions. “Our commitment to innovation and excellence in camera solutions aligns with the goals of creating smarter and more resilient urban environments.”

The implementation of Spectrum Camera Solutions’ explosion-proof cameras marks a significant step forward in the evolution of sewer monitoring technology, providing municipalities with a reliable and advanced solution to ensure the integrity of critical infrastructure.

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About Spectrum Camera Solutions:

Founded in 2012, Spectrum Camera Solutions has an unparalleled background as a world leader in hazardous-area vision systems featuring explosion-protected cameras.

Spectrum Camera Solutions is a leading provider of cutting-edge camera solutions designed for challenging hazardous environments. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Spectrum Camera Solutions delivers advanced camera technologies to industries such as municipal infrastructure, oil and gas, and manufacturing. For more information, please visit

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