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F101-Q1656-BD AXIS-Powered Fixed Explosion Protected Camera
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Explosion Proof Fixed AI Camera

  • Axis Camera Inside
  • Comparable to Axis 02462-001 XFQ1656 Explosion-Protected Camera
  • 4-Megapixel Effective Camera Resolution
  • Up to 60fps
  • Deep Learning Processing Unit
  • Built-in cybersecurity features
  • Included AXIS analytics
  • Reliable Securing Kit Included


Detailed Description

Spectrum Camera Solutions F101-Q1656-BD Explosion Proof Camera

Certified (NEC, ATEX, IECEx) for use in potentially combustible environments, with 4 MP resolution at up to 60 fps, a 1/1.8” sensor, and advanced low-light technology, the camera delivers exceptional video quality even in poor light conditions. Based on the manufacturer’s latest own chipset, it offers support for advanced features and powerful applications based on deep learning on the edge. And object analytics offers highly nuanced object classification. This high-performance box camera includes premium functionality and support for PoE and redundant DC power. Furthermore, built-in cybersecurity features, such as cryptographic compute module, signed firmware and secure boot, and FIPS-certified TPM, prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system.

  • Exceptional images with 1/1.8” sensor
  • Support for analytics with deep learning
  • Built-in cybersecurity features
  • Premium camera functionality
  • Remote zoom and focus
  • Operating Temperature:
    Zone system: -50°C to +60°C
    (USA) Class/Division system: -40°C to +60°C
  • Class I II III Division 1 Gr B,C,D,E,F,G; II 2 G Ex db IIB+H2 Gb II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db
  • Made in Houston, Texas.

IP66-rated, powdercoated aluminum chassis
Casing manufactured and certified by Spectrum Camera Solutions, LLC

Certified for GASES:


Certified for DUSTS:

       Metallic (Conductive) Dust
       Coal (Carbonaceous) Dust
       Grain Dust